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Web Of Deception 4/?

Title: Web Of Deception
Author: cherry916</lj> 
Beta: moviegeek03</lj> 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam and Dean are still at odds right after their father’s death. Nothing seems to be working and soon enough they both just seem to give up with trying. When they go to do a simple salt and burn the initial hunt seems to spiral into more than they ever imagined. Who is killing all these people? Who is this weird new hunter with a fixation on Dean? And how come after they did the initial salt and burn their problems only get worse?
A/N: This is a little something I've been working on for awhile. I hope this will get me back into writing chapter stories for SPN since it's been so long since I did so. I really hope you like it and continue reading it. The banner was made by the awesome [info]moviegeek03  isn't it just...fitting? lol I love it thank you BB.

Figuring out what was going on? Yeah that was a hell of a lot easier said than done. It seemed that the police had squat and were just as confused as Sam and Dean.

Louise Parker was a wholesome all American girl who had been going to college and juggling that waitress job. Never had a mean bone in her body and all the townsfolk loved her to death…so really everyone was confused as to why someone could do this to the sweet girl.

That’s what I like to know too. Dean thought to himself as he tried to get the image of Louise out of his mind for the hundredth time. Looking over at his sibling, he had to bite his lip from asking if he was ok again because the last time he had done that Sam threatened to throw the computer at him.

Wasn’t that so Sammy though?

Throwing himself into researching this when in his heart he knew that this was just of the human variety. Even when Sam didn’t know this person past serving him breakfast. The kid still had a bleeding heart like no one’s business. Staring at the pictures, Sam managed to get off the Internet after cracking into the police database. He swallowed down bile and closed the folder. It was time for a little break.

Checking his watch, he figured they could grab some lunch and just chill out for a few hours.

“Hey Sam, its lunch time man and I’m staving. What do you say to grabbing some grub?” Dean asked hopefully.

“No thanks I’m not hungry,” a somber monotone voice murmured.

Dean sighed. “Sammy…” he whispered brokenly. What was he supposed to do? After this morning, Sam’s sad look had only intensified until he looked about ready to fall over. His brother was running himself ragged over this and Dean didn’t know what to do. Didn’t even know where to begin to help.

Sam’s retort was cut off by the sound of knocking.

Dean fingered the pistol on the table and gave Sam a look that clearly said ‘stay where you are.’

After looking through the peephole with gun in hand, his serious expression broke out into a smile as he saw a familiar face. He opened the door and he clapped the man on the back. “Kendall, man how are you doing?”

Sam felt himself freeze. It was like all the muscles in his body locked up and held him in a terrifying grip.

Begging that Dean was just kidding, he eyed the door and cursed at seeing the burly man. How the fuck did this guy know where were staying? Sam asked himself suspiciously as he closed the laptop softly all the while trying to put on a slight smile.

Obviously information like that passed over Dean’s brain as he just let the guy waltz right in like he was staying there too.

“Hey Dean, wanted to make sure you weren’t comatose after last night,” Kendall said mischievously with a weird glint in his eyes.

And Dean ate that shit up and started to laugh. “Well I have my nurse maid to make sure that doesn’t happen, right Sammy?”

Sam huffed and glared at the pair then went back to reading through some stuff he had pulled off the computer.

“Aw…don’t mind him; he always acts like he has a stick up his ass,” Dean said with an eye roll as he sat down. “By the way how’d you know where we were staying” Dean asked curiously, wondering if maybe he had let that slip during his drunken binge.

“You told me last night, remember?” Kendall stated.

Sam’s mouth fell agape. He turned to say something but Dean was already laughing. Sam just didn’t know if saying ‘hey you never told him that’ would be helpful at the moment. He would just have to wait it out and discuss his fears in private with Dean.

Turning back to the paper he got this weird chill down his spine. He felt himself shiver a little and when he turned around to see the cause, Kendall’s eyes were watching him with an unreadable expression. Sam felt himself shudder but as soon as it started it was over just as quickly.

As Dean and Kendall chatted, Sam was left feeling creeped out beyond belief and quite honestly he was left just wanting his big brother.

After two hours of listening to the two men chat back and forth, Sam was ready to explode. Because of that, he was so thankful when the man finally decided to leave.

After Dean shut the door Sam was instantly up in his space barking off all kinds of questions.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Dean stated, laying a restricting hand on Sam’s chest. “Slow down man! I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

Sam huffed. “Dean?! This man is a weirdo! You never told him the place we were staying at last night!”

Dean furrowed his brows and Sam finally thought that Dean understood him but of course he was wrong. “What? Are you sure? I clearly remembered telling him where we stayed.” Dean said confidently, pushing past Sam to rummage through his duffel bag.

Sam gaped at Dean’s back. “Are you serious? You were drunk Dean! You could barely remember your name last night!”

Dean rolled his eyes at Sam’s dramatics; he was used to it by now. “Come on Sam don’t be over dramatic! I wasn’t that drunk dude.”

“Really? Please…tell me if you weren’t that drunk then why did you let me drive the Impala?”

“Because you’re a whiny bitch,” Dean retorted with a smirk but after looking at his brother’s serious face it fell into a grimace. “Man I was right! Dude you always act like you have a stick up your ass!”

“No…you know what, Dean, I just act smart.”

“Oh right! College boy, huh?” Dean said sarcastically while digging through his duffel for some clothes to change into.

Sam’s brows furrowed in confusion at seeing his brother pulling out a change of clothes. “Where are you going?”

“I told Kendall about what happened and he said to meet him at his place so we could discuss some stuff over.”

Sam’s lip wobbled a little, desperately thinking of a way to get his brother to stay. “But…we are researching that here.”

Dean’s eyes softened at his brother. “Yeah Sam, I know, but we aren’t getting anywhere man. I know you want to find out what’s going on as bad as I do.”

The fight left Sam’s body as he nodded his head in agreement.

“I promise you I’ll be careful and try to see who this guy is. Don’t think I haven’t been scoping him out too man,” Dean chastised lightly.

“I know,” Sam whispered.

“And you know I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“I know.”

Dean smiled and walked over to where his brother was slumped he laid a comforting hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly. “Maybe you can hold down the fort here and see what you come up with? Maybe give that guy a background check and see where things go?”

Sam nodded. “Ok, but please be careful. We still don’t know what this guy is about and…”

Dean smiled softly. “Yeah I know dude. You too, ok?”

“Ok.” Sam said with trepidation as he watched his brother leave.

Kendall grinned as he stared at the terrified girl whimpering behind the gag.

He leaned in and was delighted when the girl let out a terrified shriek.

“You were a very bad girl Maria. Dean is mine and you can’t have him.”

The man snatched her after work and after merciless hours alone he finally made an appearance. He was tall and built like the hulk but it wasn’t what scared her. It was the manic gleam in his eyes and how he hid his one hand behind his back the whole time.

“You see, I don’t like it when people try to take away my big brother.”

She frowned at that. Big brother? Was this Dean’s little brother? It couldn’t be. She thought. They looked nothing alike and somehow deep down she knew that this man was nothing but a psycho. Dean must have somehow gotten mixed up in all this.

The man stepped forward and her eyes widened when she saw what he’d been hiding...a knife.

“And bad girls need to be punished,” he said with a grin.

She screamed as he started cutting.

Getting into the old Junker car of Bobby's Dean checked his surrounding really quick. His brother’s fears only elevated his own. He was trying to keep a straight face but it faltered slightly. Just who the hell was this guy? Now that he thought about it he never told the guy squat past what he would normally say to another hunter. Ok…he may have asked the guy to stay at their place but he was shit-faced drunk…so sue him.

He just didn’t know what to make of it all. This guy seemed like a hunter but Dean knew better than anyone that looks could be deceiving. Maybe this little meeting would answer some of his unsettling questions. Looking at the small card the man handed him earlier he furrowed his brows at how far out his place was.

The only thing he knew about the man was that he was a hunter, raised in the business, family was dead and he drifted from town to town hunting anything he could. It sounded plausible, down right reasonable even, however if Sam’s spidey sense were tingling Dean just couldn’t ignore that.

Sending a silent prayer that Sam would be safe in the little motel room, he started the truck and headed out.

Kendall watched from behind a tree as the old truck departed. He checked his hand quickly to see if any blood was left and headed for the small motel and its lone occupant.

Schooling his features, he breathed a little as he knocked on the door. He was counting on his brute strength and the element of surprise to help him. Fingering the pepper spray in his pocket, he got it out and held it at ready.

Of course he wasn’t suspecting the hunter to use the peep hole and open the door with a gun to his face but he was all for surprises.

He held up his hands in surrender. “I’m-”

“Shut up!” Sam growled his heart beating a mile a minute. He hadn’t even gotten to boot up the computer before a knock on the door startled him.

“Who the hell are you!?” Sam demanded.

Kendall swallowed and had to hide a small smile. He dropped the pepper spray and was delighted when Sam’s eyes flicked downward at the movement. It was the perfect distraction.

He brought up his leg in a round house kicked and hit Sam’s midsection. Sam gave out a small oomph and doubled over yet never lost his grip on the gun.

Walking into the room with a satisfied smirk he let loose another kick, this one to Sam’s head.

Sam was flung backwards into the wall. His head bleed from a small cut. His vision blurred a little as he tried to frantically see where Kendall was. His gun was practically useless with no vision, but he still gripped it tightly.

“So useless Sammy…no wonder Dean hates you.”

Sam’s heart thudded in fear as his vision slowly cleared. He lips turned up into a sneer and he pounced. He sprang up and tried to use his pistol to his advantage by bludgeoning the bigger man’s head in but Kendall was too fast. Due to Sam’s slowed coordination, Kendall was able to grab Sam’s hand that was holding the gun and squeeze it cruelly.

Sam yelped in pain and dropped the gun.

Kendall smiled and kicked it away. “You yell so prettily.”

Jerking his injured hand back he tried to throw a punch with his left hand but he was just too slow for this guy. Kendall easily deflected the blow and delivered his own punch, one that hit Sam right on the temple.

Like a bag of bricks Sam fell hard. His mind was frantically begging him for a relief and to just slip into the darkness but Sam tried his best to hold his eyes open to ask one question. “Why?”

“Why Sammy? You ask why?” Kendall taunted, stepping on the downed man’s stomach and making him curl into a ball. He crouched down low and got right up into his face. He sneered as he whispered. “Dean’s mine Sammy and I don’t like to share.”

Sam’s eyes widened as he felt panic grip his heart. Before he could even try to gather his bearings, another punch was aimed at his head and he was out like a light.

Chapter Five
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