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Weekly Recs Wednesday

Welcome to the weekly recs Wednesday!


They're Killer by sammyndeansgrl1
Summary: Murderer Jensen Ackles meets the very miserable and lonely Jared Padalecki. It’s love at first sight. When Jared’s highly religious and strict parents find out that his new straight-laced, nice, boy-next-door friend Jensen is gay and in a relationship with their son, shit hits the fan. Jensen kills Jared’s family...Jared helps. This is their story
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Rec'ers commentary: This is from a dear friend who passed away awhile ago. I didn't know her that well but she talked to me and listened to me when I needed an ear that's why I'm so happy to be rec'ing her fic I hope she's up in Heaven smiling at all the fangrils squeeing over her fics. This is for sonyat76 who wanted killer Jensen.

Run Run Away by beckalooby 
Summary: No one likes Jared because he’s different, he runs away from the scary world before it can catch up and hurt him more than it already has. One day he meets a man who gets him to slow down.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: N/A
Rec'ers commentary: This is again from my dear friend. She created this new verse called the run verse which has already another entry and one on the way it's a must read. 

All Is Fine bymoviegeek03 
Summary:Dean's away on a hunt with Caleb and with Dean gone there's no buffer between Sam and John. Sam isn't meaning to be all angsty and rebelling against his Dad,but he is having a hard time at school with bullies. It is getting harder and harder to hide from his dad and big brother, and Sam does not want to appear weak. But what will happen when his secret is found out?
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3400
Rec'ers commentary: This was especially written for me regarding my prompt left on the new ohsam  comment fic meme and I must say comforting, caring John is a new favorite of mine. She said she might add more to this so stay tuned!

Just Give It Time by fatebegins 
Summary: Jared's mom is a prostitute. The people in the town all know it and Jared is bullied constantly at school because of it. Jensen is his best friend, turning slowly into something more. Jared has vowed never to be like his mother in spite of pressures from her questionable acquaintances that come to the house sometimes and the taunts from the kids at school. Even some teachers assume he'd grow up to sell himself. Jensen has always looked out for him but when Jared needs money really badly, he lets someone pay him to take his virginity.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6441
Rec'ers commentary:  Another one of my favorite writers cause she knows how to break down Jared as much as possible and give so much hurt/comfort and schmoop your teeth rot. Also she has an affinity for mpreg which is a definite me gusta for me.

New Years Resolution by siouxsmn_3745 
Summary: Jensen invites Jared to join the Ackles for New Year’s Eve. Uninvited, Danneel stops by and makes herself quite at home as if she is expected to be there leaving poor Jensen in a quandary about his invited and uninvited guest. When Jared arrives in the midst of a Texas ice storm and the Ackles family turns their attentions on him, Danneel makes sure Jensen knows she’s not happy.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Rec'ers commentary: This is the last story in a story arc she has written about the boys. It''s non-au and has MUCH Danneel bashing in it so if you don't like it don't read it. You can find the first two stories here and here.


In honor of Sam's birthday that was Monday this Art post is only going to be Sam only.

Sammy by blakravell

Rec'ers commentary: What's not to love about this piece? The coloring is beautiful, the profile is accurate and her  texture which I love btw always comes out so smooth looking. This is my favorite by her yet.

Beauty of the Dark by DavidDeb

Rec'ers commentary: This is a drawing from the male side of the Supernatural fandom and hands down he is the best artist out of all the ones I've featured. If you just scroll through his gallery you'll be blown away literally. So I recommend doing that sometime today lol

I can Kill now by Tri-star3

Rec'ers commentary: I love the shading she did with this one. It's very dark and moody which fits the theme quite well.

A Man With A Reason by imaliea

Rec'ers commentary:  Aww art so good you think it's a picture the first time around. This profile of a season 3 cap is flawless.

Towards the light by fireboldie

Rec'ers commentary: As you can tell this is another computer generated art piece but I love how she did the lighting and shading in this by making the symbol light up the room.

Well that's the end of the recs. Have any suggestions or things you like to see tell me in this post.

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