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about me

Who is cherry916? I'm the girl with the hurt!Sam fetish who consequently has way to much time on her hands.

✿ My name is Charity or Cherry. Whichever you are comfortable with calling me.
✿ 23
✿ Born and raised in Florida
✿ Currently attending USF to get my BS in Education.
✿ I have one dog, a boston terrier, and 4 cats.


✿ Fandoms: Supernatural and Numb3rs
✿ Ships: J2, Wincest, Sassy, Mishalecki
✿ Sam!girl who loves Dean as much as Sam does
✿ NOT afraid of opinions or with posting them.
✿ I do not ship Destiel or Cockles
✿ I have no interest with Castiel.
✿ I have no patience for mindless hate/wank and likely will block you if you try and shove it in my face
✿ I also have no patience with obnoxious shippers
✿ This livejournal is mainly used for my fandom time. Meaning I rarely, if ever, post real life posts and when I do they are FLOCKED. I am currently not adding anyone back. Nothing personal.
✿ More about my friending policies: here.

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brothers, fan made anything, fanfiction, good friends, hurt!sam, j2, numb3rs, passionate fans, reading, supernatural, supporting friends/supportive friends, tumblr, wincest, writing