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So, since yesterday morning I had been having some pains behind my sternumn (the bottom of the esophagus basically). The pain woke me up and I originally thought it was anxiety because it felt like a knot in there. I took one of my anti-anxiety medications and it went away and only became a dull ache that I could manage. I hadn't been eating for the last few days (at least eating full meals) because I had no appeitie. When I tried to eat the burning intensified until it passed through that specific spot. This morning I waited to see if the pain was any worse and the pain woke me up again at around 5:45. I decided to call off work and make an appointment with my doctor about it because the pain was very intense.

I thought maybe it was heartburn or something, even though I have never had any issues with that before, so I took some tums and tried pepto bismal to no evail. I eventually fell back asleep and when I woke up I had the migraine from hell. So my boyfriend drove me to my appointment.

I had tests and bloodwork scheduled but basically my doctor told me he was 95% sure I had an ulcer. Possibly from the NSAIDs I take in conjuction with other meds to relieve my migraines. The pain has gotten worse since then. I have flare ups of burning and when I try to eat its of course worse because unfortunately its not in my stomach but in the esophagus.

So I wanted to ask anyone if they had any remedies they know of for ulcers. I've been presribed medication for it (but I won't recieve anything definite until I get the tests results back and he knows for sure). I have to work the rest of the week and school starts next week so any medical advice/remedies would be appreciated!
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