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Season 10: Reichenbach


So sorry for the late review! I did watch the episode live but I literally went straight to be after the episode. Then when I came home from work on Wednesday I went to bed and slept for over 13 hours so...I am of course paying for that mistake and will likely be up all night but it has allowed me to develop some thoughts on the new episode.

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So we left off with Cole (or as spnmonster calls him ratface) trying to garner information on Dean from Sam. Sam of course isn't giving up his brother so Cole becomes desperate.

After telling Sam that Dean killed his father (Was I the only one laughing at their attempts to make Dean younger? lol) and that he's been training for this moment his whole life, Sam attempts to tell Cole that monsters are out there, however, Cole assures he knows about monsters and he knows that Dean is a monster that must be hunted down.

Cole then on purpose loses keys that has a knife attached to them and lets Sam escape so he can then follow him since Sam isn't fessing up.

This episode was better than the previous I personally think. I think it's really beginning to show how much Jensen revels in this demon!Dean. His acting is absolutely amazing and is perhaps some of the best he's ever done on the show. I think why I also like this is because we are beginning to see what demon!Dean is thinking.

Throughout the episode demon!Dean battles with authority. Crowley is trying to control him and tries to get Dean to kill a cheating housewife to make good on a deal. However, Dean kills the husband whether out of pity for the wife or pity for humanity ove how sexist and stupid the guy was. Or as something to show Crowley that he isn't to be controlled.

Of course we get 'Lonely Girl' playing as Crowley reminsces the old times and that's good and dandy but we see demon!Dean I think beginning to realize that he's a demon and there isn't any turning back.

I know a lot of people are a bit disappointed with Sam at the moment and how he keeps getting captured, knocked out, and appears at bit senseless in general. However, I think this is a choice on Jared's and the writer's part. The makeup they used to accentuate the bruising gives Sam a haunted. vulnrable look. I think this is a bit different Sam compared to what we've seen in Season 4 and Season 8 when he was without Dean.

Sam is haunted but determined. Despite his missteps he continues on searching for Dean. Even when demon!Dean has made it abudantly clear that he will hurt Sam, Sam doesn't draw back.

The scene in the bar where Dean is playing the piano he cuts his hand. I think that symbolizes Dean beginning to understand that he can't have one foot in or one foot out. That he's a demon now.

He decides to let Cole live and Sam considers it's mercy but Dean says he did the worst thing he could possibly do to the man which is break his spirit and confidence in himself, make him break his promises to his dead father and family. Which you gotta admit is pretty cruel, but I think we are beginning to see the torn loyalties in Dean. He keeps saying he's doing to do a lot of bad things to Sam but he hasn't followed through and the next episode is the confrontation I assume between demon!Dean and Sam which is going to be interesting to see their emotions come through.

I'll touch on the angel stuff because it's boring, but I thought we got rid of Metatron for good? Do we really have to keep popping back to him? I think it shows you how unconnected the angel storyline is to the main one just how much the writers are running out of ideas to keep it relevant.

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