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J2 Fic: What Are Friends For?

Title: What Are Friends For?
Genre: RPF, Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 400
Warnings: SPOILERS for the finale
Author's Note: I really wanted to see Jensen comforting a hysterical Jared. I mean look at the poor baby, he poured his heart out I'm sure that was hard to come down from.

Summary: Jensen helps Jared calm down after shooting Dean's death scene.

The word cut rings out loudly on the set and it’s met with cheers, whistles, and multiple sighs of relief from cast and crew alike.

Jensen focuses on breathing as he begins to come down from his intense headspace.

Everyone seems to be happy that they pulled this off so beautifully.

Everyone that is, except for Jared.

Jensen grimaces when he gets the fake blood all over Jared’s clothes but Jared hasn’t pulled back from the hug yet.

“Jay?” Jensen questions, his voice still a mess from the grunting and groaning he did earlier.

Jared’s shoulders just keep shaking, sobs escaping his mouth, as his hand tightens its hold on the back of his head.

“Jared? It’s over. Come on buddy.”

The rest of the crew seem to take notice, they stop their cheering and watch as Jared slowly collapses in on himself.

Jensen may be sore and tired, not to mention emotionally drained but he isn’t too out of it to reach and stop Jared’s tumble to the ground. He can recognize the signs of this anywhere: phantom grief.

At least that’s what they dubbed it. It happens in the acting world when you can’t separate your character from yourself. Obviously, Jared couldn‘t separate Dean’s death from Jensen’s.

“Jared, hey hey, Jay?” Jensen tries his best to catch Jared’s eyes but he has them tightly closed, his mouth making little whimpers as he does his best to conceal his sobbing. The rest of the crew is standing around in shock, uncertain whether they should intervene or let Jensen handle it.

“I’m fine buddy, see?” Jensen wipes the blood off with his sleeve leaving an impressive smear on his face and Dean’s clothes. “It’s not real. It’s not real. I promise. I’ll even show you.”

Jensen takes Jared’s hand and places it across his chest, letting Jared feel his heart beating strong beneath the surface.

Jared shakes begin to subside, and finally after what feels like hours Jared’s eyes open up.

They’re red rimmed for real this time, still leaking tears but at least he’s actually looking at him.

“That’s it. Just calm down for me, okay? I’m still here. Ain’t gonna get rid of me that easy.” Jensen smiles and takes his free hand to pat Jared reassuringly on the head, messing up his hair in the process.

Jared smiles a little and breathes deeply. “Sorry.” He whispers hoarsely, a blush beginning to bloom at realizing the crew was still watching.

Jensen shrugs, his hand still holding Jared’s hand against his heart. “What are friends for?”

The End

Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: what are friends for?, genre: gen, genre: non-au, genre: rpf
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