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Good News!

I am 100% late to the excited party (I was sleeping boo) BUT I am still very excited for them!

This year has already started off great for the Supernatural Fandom.

First Genevieve joined twitter last night with giggles and pictures and ranch and she totally stole our hearts even more with her adorable smiles.

Then we learn the boys will BE at the PCAS and actually present an award and walk the red carpet with their wives (pregnant Danneel!)

Now this news! Thomas and their baby will be close in age and grow up together, that's what is most endearing I bet Jensen and Danneel couldn't resist all those Thomas cuddles and play times without thinking about it.

It doesn't matter why they decided. All that matters is they're happy and excited for this little bundle of joy and I couldn't be happier for them at the moment. Seeing Jensen with his nephew and Thomas made our hearts melt but getting to see Jensen hold his son/daughter for the first time? Indescribable, which will likely be his and Danneel's first thought when they do.
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