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Season 8 Promo

Hey all! It feels like it's been ages since I have talked to any of you, and I figured today's as good as any day with the promo being released for Season 8.

Can we get a PRAISE BE THE NEW HEAD OF CW AMEN. For an AWESOME pomo this season? It feels like we have been geting neglected for too long, because as you know promos in the past have been crap but this ONE man it has me SUPER excited not only for the Season but because it has confirmed what I have been saying al along.

NEVER TAKE THE SPOILERS TOO SERIOUSLY. I can already see from that one minute promo that spoilers that have come out are being misnterpreted and aren't exactly as how they were first described *phew* so if anyone had any issues with the spoilers, be aware that they are DEFINTELY not 100% right all the time.

Why does Oct. 3rd seem SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far away?

Tags: fandom: supernatural, season 8, spoilers
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