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Hey all, I hope everyone is going to have a good weekend coming up. I'm getting nervously excited as the date for college becomes closer and closer. 

So basically what I've been doing recently is going through a mass re-watch of just about everything. I'm on Season 5 with Numb3rs, Season 2 with Supernatural. I just finished one of my favorite anime: Samurai Champloo and now I am downloading all of Inuyasha including the 4 movies to re-watch as well. That should definitely keep me busy for awhile seeing as how they have over 160 episodes. Inuyasha was my first foray with anime. My best friend got me into them when I was only in Elementary school she's a little bit older than me and she always seemed to be able to find Anime on brighthouse, way back than we were barely scraping by with cable. So I always felt mischievous when I was watching it on Adult Swim. She got me into a lot of Anime. Like Sailor Moon, she introduced me to that as we used to watch it all the time together, even playing it, as well as Card Captors, if anyone remembers that as well as another one I can't really remember the name of but it was something with cats? Or their powers were like cats? I might have to refresh my memory on that. She also introduced me to Full Metal Alchemist as well.

Well long story short, anime was my first foray with anything Fandom. I shipped people before I knew what shipping was and wrote my first fanfiction based on Inuyasha so I guess I have Anime and her to thank for me getting into anything.

So how about any of you? Do you guys watch Anime or have watched Anime?
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