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100 Fics That I Love: #016

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

In no particular order: Bridges by Dawn_n

Title: Bridges
Author: dawn_n
Rating: T
Word Count: 14,987
Warnings: None Given.
Summary: Dean wakes up in the ICU only to learn that his nightmare has just begun as Sam clings to life.

Dawn always brings some great medical dialogue to any of her stories. Most if not all of them bring something dramatic, dire that really hinges on suspense. I love being unsure what's going to happen, of if this character will live. I know a lot of stories with anything medical, it seems unbelievable are just to easy to guess what will happen. With Dawn's stories though, you never know and that's the best.

This takes place sometime after No Exit, and brings back Ellen and Jo. She's fair in writing them and keeps their reactions and emotions believable. Not only is Sam hurt but Dean is as well, and as sad as it is, Ellen seems to be the only one who knows. Her and Jo go to the hospital to be with both of them, and it's a wild ride for the youngest Winchester as the summary suggest, he clings to life.

Dean's written very emotionally in this, you can feel his grief and pain throughout as he wonders whether his little brother is going to make it. At first his interactions are awkward with Jo and Ellen but that's normal given what happened in No Exit. Then they finally come to terms and build those bridges, as the title says, that they previously burned during that episode. It's only 5 chapters, but it's filled with great dialogue and juicy moments that make you want to read until the very end.

Tags: 100 things challenge
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