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Weekly Recs Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to the weekly recs Wednesday!


Crawling from the Wreckage by sammygirl1963
Rating: T
Word Count: 8,353
Summary: A hunt for a weather demon leads to disastrous results for the Winchester family.
Rec'ers commentary: Another great start of a story from sammygirl. It features a hurt!Sammy, a great case fic, Caleb and Bobby plus it's a pres-series what's not to love?

Trigger Finger by phx69
Rating: K+
Word Count: 3,438
Summary: Dean is still working on the Impala; Cas is still God; Bobby still wears a hat… and Sam is still halfway sane.
Rec'ers commentary: A missing scene for 7x01, and 7x02 which bridges the gap wonderfully and puts Sam in a real world situation that threatens his recovery.

You Me and the Devil Makes Three by littleworkerbee
Rating: R
Word Count:1,200
Summary: Lucifer’s a cockblock and Sam is frustrated.
Rec'ers commentary: Another story for 7x02 which shows just how much Lucifer is getting to Sam, and how much of a cock block he is.

Fine Line by annella
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Summary: Sam's wings are really sensitive.
Rec'ers commentary: Blame beckalooby for getting me into wing!fic but this little gem has the perfect mix of porn, schmoopy, massages and hurt!Sam! Plus it has a sequel which you can find at the bottom.

Jensen's Magic Fingers by alienat
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 519
Summary: Jared needs Jensen's magic fingers.
Rec'ers commentary: Despite it being so small it certainly packs a punch just like all her writing does. Plus massages! My biggest kink!


For Art today I am going to feature an amazing artist, Andlatitude

Past and Present

Rec'ers commentary: Just everything about this I love! Love the parallel to see how big Sam got but no matter how big or grown up Sam is big brother Dean is still there. I also love the colors used and the back portraits.


Rec'ers commentary: Lazy but sexy! I loves the faces in this and the just relaxed postures and how they are sitting, could be Wincest or even seen as Gen which I love.


Rec'ers commentary: This is Dean receiving some comfort. I love depictions of where Sam has to be the strong one.


Rec'ers commentary: Wee!chesters! So adorable, huh? Little Sammy cuddled up next to Dean, so cute.

You + me against the world

Rec'ers commentary: And to close it off here's a cute little drawing of what Supernatural is about, Sam and Dean against the world.

And I hope you enjoyed today's rec's!

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